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    Croes Consultants is your partner for advice in the areas of management, ICT and legal matters for over 20 years. Our core activities focus on business and process optimization as managing and completion of stalled projects, assisting start-ups, upgrading of network performances, relocation of resources and organisation scans. Our clients include large organisations such as triple play providers as well as entrepreneurs in SMEs.
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  • Management- & organisation advice

    Croes Consultants is your partner for management, ICT & legal advice for over 20 years. Our core business focusses on business and process optimization as coaching start-ups, strategic organisational advice, managing and completion of stalled projects, upgrading of network performances, relocation of resources and organisation scans.
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  • ICT advice

    Croes Consultants is your partner for independent and comprehensible ICT advice. We are independent. Croes Consultants only provides objective advice and is not tied to a particular solution. Besides subject related technical advantages (we recommend the technique that suits you), this also has financial benefits for you.
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  • legal advice

    Croes Croes Consultants is your partner for independent and understandable legal advice. The emphasis of our legal activities is on ICT related field. In the center of our legal field of interest are ICT recht, legal entity related law / corporate law and intellectual property-related matters such as trademark law, domain law and trade law. We prefer practical solutions.
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  • innovation & sustainability

    Croes Consultants strive for pragmatic solutions, during which we not lose sight of the theory, society and the environment. Our involvement is partly motivated by the passion for innovative technology. Croes Consultants stimulates high-tech research in the field of ICT & Sustainability and we also coach scientific research projects.
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  • Publications

    It is clear that to bring to the attention of topics and the dissemination of knowledge, publications are an effective way. If possible, Croes Consultants will use this. Several publications and the brochure of Croes Consultants are also available as PDF files.

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Croes Consultants is active in the fields of and has an eye for innovation and sustainability and provides also related workshops read more


Croes Consultants has proven organisational strengths in interim management, project management, workshops and conferences read more


ICT Advice

ICT Advice

Croes_Consultants is your partner for independent and understandable ICT advice. A contemporary and efficient work environment can't operate without computer and network technology. One can not work without the use of automation anymore. But what is convenient for your situation? How do you put on automation in the most optimised way? You like to get objective and independent answers to these sorts of questions. In that case you're not waiting for a large number of consultants, who will leave you in the end with a large pile of (reading) work, a large bill and a "solution" which you can't fathom on your own.
We act in a different way. Our goal is to quide you through the great number of possibilities the world of ICT has to offer. We are independent. We’re not going to sit down opposite to you, but next to you, to advice you a for your situation best possible ICT solution. In comprehensible language we ask you your wishes and after that we make the translation to technology. Automation exists in behalf of you and your work environment and not the other way round.
We're independent. Croes Consultants only delivers objective advice and is not committed to certain solutions. Besides technical related advantages (we advise the technology that fits you) this also implicates financial advantages for you.
Croes Consultants operates within a network of fair and highly qualified partners; specialists and generalists who are capable to deliver the necessary knowledge and expertise at the right moment.
Besides pure technological ICT advice, we can offer you advice with regard to related organisational and legal matters. More information is avialable via the link legal advice.


User information

Croes Consultants - user information

Did_you_know that at this moment information about your computer is available to third parties. If you visit a website, there is much information available. To give you an idea, here are a few examples of what others might currently know about your computer.

  • The number of pages you visited before coming to this site:  
  • Your browser is:  
  • Browser version:
  • Your browser supports Javascript version:
  • Your type of computer (mac or pc):  
  • The operating system you are using is:
  • Your screen resolution is:
  • Your color depth is:
  • Your IP address is:    ...
  • The co-ordinates of your mouse within this framework are:
    X-coördinaat =    Y-coördinaat =

If you are curious about the fonts used by your computer (fonts) and browser plug-ins (utilities), click on this link link and read the article "Browser geeft surfgeheimen makkelijk prijs" (in Dutch) in AutomatiseringGids.


Your ICT environment and Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6)

Due to the current growth of use of IP addresses (IPv4), RIPE, theRegional Internet Registry for Europe, ran out of free available IPv4 addresses in 2012. In order to prevent this, a new version of the IP protocol was developed: IPv6. Compared to the total number of IPv4 addresses, the amount of IPv6 addresses gigantic.

The differences between the protocols IPv6 and IPv4

Overview still available IP addresses, type IPv4. In red is displayed the day, IP addresses per RIR (Regional Internet Registry) are exhausted.

De_internetprotocolls IPv4 and IPv6 can not communicate. In order to ensure a smooth transition, it will be necessary to continue to use IPv4 and IPv6 next to each other for the time being. Besides the extra number of available IP addresses, the use of IPv6 offers also benefits in terms of flexibility and security.


What should I do?

IPv6 is the protocol of the future. It is therefore wise to fit your network for IPv6. It is recommended that your website(s), e-mail and other Internet applications are accessible via both IPv4 and IPv6. In practice, you, as a normal user, will notice no or not much difference between IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity. It mainly is an issue for network administrators. The transition from IPv4 to IPv6 will probably bring a small one-time investment with it, as your Internet connection equipment must be able to work simultaneously with both IPv4 and IPv6 (dual stack). In addition, computers running common operating systems like Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Server 2003/2008 will easily adapt by adjusting the network settings.
When purchasing new software (applications) and hardware, it is advisable to ask the supplier whether IPv6 is supported by that software and / or hardware.


We are members of the Dutch IPv6 Task Force

Croes Consultants is a member of the Dutch IPv6 Task Force - IPv6TF NL

Croes Consultants is a member of the Dutch IPv6 Task Force - (IPv6TF NL). The aim of the Dutch IPv6 Task Force is to create awareness on the benefits and especially the need for IPv6, to exchange knowledge to achieve the application of IPv6 and coordination with regard to the introduction of IPv6. Government, enterprises and institutions must become aware that IPv6 will inevitably be necessary for them.


Your accessibility

The Domain name checker and IPv4-IPv6 checker are free tools to check if your domain name are accessible via both IPv4 and IPv6. A detailed explanation of IPv6 (in Dutch) is available via this link.
Via the Govcert website, a IPv6-whitepaper is downloadable. This white paper includes the security aspects of IPv6 and the issues related to a migration to IPv6.
Besides purely technical ICT advice we can also advise on related organisational and legal issues. Further information is available via the link on this legal advice.


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Roel Croes - General manager and founder  Croes Consultants

"We are a dynamic company. Therefore, an efficient operating environment is a must for us. Unfortunately our ICT knowledge is limited. When we had to replace computer equipment, it was a comforting thought that we could appeal to an independent and critical advisor. Croes Consultants advised us in a very pleasant way in the composition of our computer network. Additionally they looked at the implementation with us, which was conducted by a third party. We now have the solution that we actually wanted. Croes Consultants also checked the Service Level Agreements. It's a great feeling to know that your organisation can withstand some time in terms of technique and paperwork again."
General manager, marketing consultancy company


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